No product, no service, no problem! There are plenty of ways to make money online in the marijuana industry but let me address 3 that I’ve had a lot of success with…

Affiliate Marketing:

In 2018 the cannabis affiliate industry is not fully developed but there are some fun companies to work with.

CBDPure.Com for example is in an extrememly HOT and untapped market. There are competitors, sure…but still so much growth coming in this industry. GET IN NOW!

CBDPure pays between 20-40% commissions on each sale.

No shipping product or anything other than producing content and dropping links with your affiliate tracking code.

Only downside is the margins are usually smaller than a few other options below.


There are a few good dropshipping programs and you can find more on the Ganja Flip Resource Page

The advantages are you can set up a true ecommerce site without shipping your own products. Some of these companies will also offer WHITE LABEL options meaning you can put your own logo on the product.

Example: DankStop.Com

Great company with loads of products for you to load up to your online store and let them do the rest. Very Simple process. Probably my favorite option.


Benfit of wholesale is this is where you create the best margins and I shipped my own products for years so it is very doable. There are also wearhouses that will set up your labels and ship for you. The margins I’ve seen as high as 80% off.

Only issue besides the shipping is you have to put some money up in advance to buy in bulk and of course store the products.

EXAMPLE: Mike’s Word Wide

Now you’ve got some options to make some money come grab a premium cannabis domain and website and I’ll help you get started.

Peace Out!
Captain Kush